Sucrose, fructose, oligosaccharides and other sweeteners are critical to many functional and organoleptic properties of finished baked foods.

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How to move away from added sugars

- High-intensity sweeteners can help bakers make foods that meet the sugar reduction goals of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-20.

Pyler says Bakers have many sugar choices

- Dry sugar options allow formulators their pick of sweetness, flavor, crystal size.

Clean alternatives help bakers reduce sugar

- Bakers and suppliers naturally prepare for an added sugars declaration on the Nutrition Facts panel.

First commercial allulose helps bakers reduce calories

- Allulose debuts commercially and provides bakers a way to reduce calories while maintaining taste.

Sweet in form and function

- As sugar continues to face bad publicity, bakers attempt to reduce the amounts they use without impacting taste and structure.