Trans Fatty Acids - Trans Fat

Trans Fatty Acids / Trans Fat

Vilified by public health advocates, trans fatty acid reduction and removal has been a focal point for most food manufacturers. A variety of technologies have been developed to ease the transition and maintain end-product quality. Learn more about how the industry responded to the concern about trans fatty acids in this Research Assistant.

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Product attributes attractive to baby boomers

Clean label, healthy ingredients and those with specific benefits all resonate with the generation.

Nestle nutrition efforts continue strong

Company reformulated more than 1,000 food and pet products during 2014 to consider nutrition.

Study’s authors urge trans fat action in England

Banning industrial trans fat in processed foods potentially could prevent 7,200 deaths over 5 years.

Foods featuring free-from claims draw consumers

Mintel research reveals 84% of consumers buy free-from foods for health reasons.

General Mills files patent on frosting low in trans fat

One option avoids using partial hydrogenation.