Trans Fatty Acids - Trans Fat

Trans Fatty Acids / Trans Fat

Vilified by public health advocates, trans fatty acid reduction and removal has been a focal point for most food manufacturers. A variety of technologies have been developed to ease the transition and maintain end-product quality. Learn more about how the industry responded to the concern about trans fatty acids in this Research Assistant.

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Replacing PHOs in emulsifiers

- Bakers challenge emulsifier suppliers to get rid of PHO-based materials but keep the performance.

Let's talk organogels

- Natural waxes may open another door to replacing trans fats without increasing saturated fats.

Shortening 'mix tape'

- Enzymatic intersterification separates fatty acid components and reassembles them.

Phasing out PHOs

- As FDA downgrades partially hydrogenated oils, formulators need to upgrade their knowledge of a new generation of shortening blends.

Suppliers design PHO-free shortenings

- When FDA pulled the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils, innovation in bakery shortenings cranked up and multiplied formulating choices.