Whether with robotics or conveyorized lines, bakeries and snack manufacturers continue to reduce the labor needed along lines through the addition of automation.

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Horizontal packaging trends

- Horizontal f/f/s machines are driving flexibility and quick changeover.

Ensuring it all pans out

- Combining the latest in tracking systems with extra-large pans provides a one-two punch for reducing maintenance, minimizing waste and, most importantly, raising overall yield.

Pretzel Baron pursues a noble agenda

- The Cincinnati bakery relies on the latest advances in technology to take its authentic artisan pretzels to a national audience.

Training to retain valuable skills

- Periodically revisiting training helps employees to better grasp the equipment that they operate.

Keeping ovens consistent

- Maintaining the heat balance in a tunnel oven requires critical control of the temperature, both linearly and laterally.
A case in point