Whether with robotics or conveyorized lines, bakeries and snack manufacturers continue to reduce the labor needed along lines through the addition of automation.

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Hostess' technology transplant

Company Profiles
Hostess Brands’ Twinkie and CupCake operations at Emporia, KS, go through an important and comprehensive revamping.

Robots with sight

With the aid of vision systems, robots can inspect products and balance their flow when entering the packaging department.

Automating artisan

Despite consumer misconceptions, bakers commercially produce high-quality artisan breads.

Tastefully depositing

As cake bakers look to save time and money, batter depositors juggle accuracy, gentle handling and speedy changeovers.

Unwavering in her beliefs

In this Q&A, Nadine Salameh of Bakery de France explains how genuine commitment to the art and science of baking allows Old World bakers to succeed in today’s market.