Capital - Construction - Site Selection

Capital, Construction, Site Selection

Capital, construction, site selection

To keep up with growing demand, companies often build new plants and warehouse. The first step generally is finding the right piece of land on which to build.

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Adapting to brownfield

- Designing efficient, flexible bakeries are easier to design with a greenfield facility, but require a bit more effort with a brownfield one.

Adding up the real costs of expansion

- When expanding operations, bakers need to collaborate to effectively evaluate the long-term price of food safety in their decision-making process.

Aurora shows off its colors

- Gonnella Baking’s transformation of its Aurora, IL, fresh bakery reflects the best of greenfield and brownfield projects all in one.

Bakers gain from 2016 tax extenders

- Just in time for IBIE, congress made permanent federal tax credits available for capital equipment purchases and R&D investments.

Sustainability through heat recovery

- It may seem cut-and-dried, but opportunities for using excess energy in the bakery are expanding.