Dough Makeup

Dough makeup

From mixing to sheeting to dividing to rounding, the most important processes in baking and snack manufacturing happen before the dough meets the oven. This Research Assistant brings together all the information you'll need to make sure your dough is perfect before baking.

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Pyler says The story of San Francisco sourdough

- The microorganisms that give this West Coast favorite its flavor and texture surprised scientists.

Advancing the art of tortillas

- Design and engineering of tortilla processing equipment moves forward into more cleanable systems, running at tighter tolerances and outputting ever more product.

Chunkers lead dough handling equipment choices

- Automated methods for moving dough from mixer to makeup adapt to rising expectations for handling a variety of doughs in a food-safe manner.

Small products make big impact

- Consumers want more portable, portion-controlled options. For bakers, this means the push for flexibility rages on.

Anything but conventional

- As the gluten-free market establishes itself, bakers look to suppliers for the right equipment and more flexibility.
Ramping it up