Dough Makeup

Dough makeup

From mixing to sheeting to dividing to rounding, the most important processes in baking and snack manufacturing happen before the dough meets the oven. This Research Assistant brings together all the information you'll need to make sure your dough is perfect before baking.

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From the bench to the oven

- To send new products soaring, you need a good flight plan to taxi from the bench through the pilot plant to the oven … and beyond.

Protecting quality while dividing

- Balancing machining stress with gentle handling of doughs yet maintaining portion accuracy is tricky.

Data driven dividing

- Information technology can provide bakers with real-time data to either automatically adjust itself or alert operators to make alterations.

Making dividers more accurate

- Servo-driven technology, gentler equipment and the implementation of data are helping bakers achieve more accurate portioning of bread products than ever before.

Pretzel tech spotlight

- New versions of hard and soft pretzels continue to redefine — and even go beyond — the traditional snacking occasion.
Ramping it up