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Automation, sanitary design, energy reduction, profitability and efficiency of a plant all fall squarely on the shoulders of engineering personnel. See the array of articles relating to the efforts and triumphs in innovation the Research Assistant brings together.

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Navigating turnkey solutions

- Automation streamlines commercial bakery operations, but installing an automated line should be planned and managed to ensure smooth integration and startup.

Bakers gain from 2016 tax extenders

- Just in time for IBIE, congress made permanent federal tax credits available for capital equipment purchases and R&D investments.

Sustainability through heat recovery

- It may seem cut-and-dried, but opportunities for using excess energy in the bakery are expanding.

Conveyors inclined toward sanitary design

- Bakers seek out easy-to-clean conveyors to comply with FSMA

Baker and Perkins Inventive engineers

- Equipment pioneers Jacob Perkins and Joseph Baker left a legacy of technological innovation.
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