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Automation, sanitary design, energy reduction, profitability and efficiency of a plant all fall squarely on the shoulders of engineering personnel. See the array of articles relating to the efforts and triumphs in innovation the Research Assistant brings together.

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Slideshow Clif Bar & Company aspires to new heights

- Clif Bar & Company transports a unique culture to its facility in Twin Falls, ID.

Tax credits for R&D permanently extended

- Financial incentives for new equipment may help open wallets at IBIE.

IBIE Engineering roundtable

- Baking & Snack’s panel of experts discusses their operations, the challenges they face and the solutions they’ll be looking for at IBIE.

How to pick the right slicer blade

- Learn what blades pair best with different products, plus troubleshooting tips.

Taking the Safe Route

- Bakers follow many roads to reduce and prevent injuries and lost-time incidents.
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