By taking advantage of the latest advances in freezing technology, bakers can reduce waste, enter new distribution markets, maintain better quality of their products and streamline their operations by building inventory that allows them to schedule longer runs of their various product lines.

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Jim Kline Systematic control

- SOPs and POGs lay the foundation for ensuring consistency and enhancing quality.

Hot or cold

- When it comes to belting and conveyors, don’t forget to check your temperature.

Low temps high demands

- Bakers want their refrigeration and freezing systems to aid their quest to increase efficiency, lower costs and become more sustainable.

Two approaches to refrigeration and freezing for bakers

- The two most common refrigeration and freezing systems use ammonia or organic compounds.

The making of a Legend

- As Legendary Baking builds its presence in the market, the frozen dessert manufacturer finds creative ways to bolster capacity at its Chaska, MN, facility to meet product demand.