Ingredient Handling

Ingredient Handling

From vacuums to blowers, dense phase to continuous movement, ingredient handling methods vary as much as the ingredients moving on or through them. This Research Assistant gathers articles that help put it all in perspective.

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The ins and outs of mixers

- From the loading of ingredients to the discharge of dough or batter, mixers must do the job quickly and efficiently to keep everything moving down the line.

Pyler says Cream yeast systems enable savings

- Stringent controls over temperature and sanitation will keep cream yeast systems operating properly.

Pyler says Handle liquid ingredients with care

- Tank size, construction materials and heating/chilling capabilities are important.

Pretzel Baron pursues a noble agenda

- The Cincinnati bakery relies on the latest advances in technology to take its authentic artisan pretzels to a national audience.

Balancing food safety and production time

- Joe Stout offers insights on striking a balance between the need for effective food safety and the goal of longer production runs.