It may be the final step in the production of baked foods and snacks, but this critical step ensures quality and shelf life. Technologies have advanced in all these areas.

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Many choices for packaging film

- Films changed over the years to make them easier to run on automated equipment.

Slideshow Junior's moves beyond the Big Apple

- Junior’s moves to a new bakery in New Jersey to better serve its classic New York cheesecake to a growing legion of dessert enthusiasts across the nation.

LabelCon to address looming label changes

- SNAC International’s upcoming workshop will prepare industry professionals for the many changes ahead in nutrition labeling.

US shipments of packaging machinery to hit $8.5 billion by 2020

- The food and beverage sector is expected to produce more than half of this growth.

Artistry on the baking and snack line

- PMMI interviews three leading baking and snack manufacturers heading to Pack Expo 2016 about the skills required for success.