Slicing - Portioning

Slicing / Portioning

When choosing slicers and portioners, a bakery must consider its products’ different characteristics, the equipment’s flexibility and the company’s strategies to adapt quickly in case a problem does occur. We gather articles covering this critical end-of-line issue.

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Making dividers more accurate

- Servo-driven technology, gentler equipment and the implementation of data are helping bakers achieve more accurate portioning of bread products than ever before.

Navigating turnkey solutions

- Automation streamlines commercial bakery operations, but installing an automated line should be planned and managed to ensure smooth integration and startup.

Theres a sweet spot for slicing and staling

- For certain products, timing is everything.

Keeping slicing clean

- A truly clean cut requires a clean blade.

Making clean cuts

- Improved blades and other cutting-edge technologies make pristine end products and easier maintenance a breeze.
Precise Slicing