Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing

Ovens and fryers; direct gas-fired to indirect to thermal oil; vertical to horizontal to serpentine; submerged, surface and waterfall frying: All methods and innovations of thermal processing are brought together in this Research Assistant.

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Focusing on oven fundamentals

- "Smart" ovens require smart operators who understand the thermodynamics of baking and adjust their product flow accordingly.

Setting ovens right

- Executing long-run operations correctly takes careful planning and precision tuning.

Ovens A battle for control

- Technical advances are helping bakers take more control of the baking process.

Sanitation in proofers

- Sanitary design is the next frontier for proofers.

Promoting airflow in proofers

- Air circulation must be uniform to enure an ideal proofing environment.
Hot or cold
Record and verify
Fry with stability