Thermal Processing

Thermal processing

Ovens and fryers; direct gas-fired to indirect to thermal oil; vertical to horizontal to serpentine; submerged, surface and waterfall frying: All methods and innovations of thermal processing are brought together in this Research Assistant.

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Made to measure: Modular vs. hybrid ovens

- Modular and hybrid ovens let bakers tailor-make their ovens to their exact needs.

The effectiveness of hybrid ovens

- Achieving an efficient bake starts with matching the oven with the appropriate application.

Challenges to successful automation

- Installing new equipment on an existing line creates opportunities to enhance the line’s performance, but it can also pose some difficulties.

Tricks to get the most out of your oven

- Bakers can command the most efficiency out of their ovens by finding just the right baking profile.

Slideshow: Orlando Baking marries the past and present

- Orlando Baking combines historical recipes with cutting-edge creativity and new-age service to compete in today’s multifaceted market.
Ovens: In the zone