Toppings - Finishings

Toppings / Finishings

To enhance visual appeal to baked foods and snacks, bakers and snack manufacturers often add toppings or finishing marks to products.

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Hostess' technology transplant

Company Profiles
Hostess Brands’ Twinkie and CupCake operations at Emporia, KS, go through an important and comprehensive revamping.

Less toppings can be more work

Meeting the demand for less toppings requires production slows down.

Handling pesky particulates with seeders and toppers

Big, wet toppings can cause headaches for bakers looking for even distribution.

Diverse tech disperses toppings, coatings

Evenly dispensing temperamental toppings and stubborn coatings requires an approach as distinctive as the ingredients themselves.

Inclusions add jazz

Improvisation with toppings and inclusions manipulates their flavor, color, texture and even ingredient components.