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Warehouse / Distribution

For greater traceability of products and to improve the handling of finished products, automated warehouse managements systems can go a long way in helping to improve distribution systems.

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How to live in a world of audits

- Inspections, audits and certifications help ensure safe foods for consumers, and they also foster continuous improvement.

Jim Kline Systematic control

- SOPs and POGs lay the foundation for ensuring consistency and enhancing quality.

Hostess technology transplant

- Hostess Brands’ Twinkie and CupCake operations at Emporia, Kas., go through an important and comprehensive revamping.

Growing internally to meet demand

- Mission Foods's method of planning ahead has helped spread its brands across the United States.

Light on their feet

- Baked foods and snacks leave the manufacturing plant in trucks of all sorts. Big 18-wheelers and boxy step vans do most of the work and haul most of the goods. But more and more, you see smaller cargo vans emblazoned with bakery logos zipping around crowded city streets.
GPS to the rescue