Artisan Bread

Artisan Bread

Previously a niche specialty product, artisan bread has continuously made its way to the mainstream consumer for the past 20 years. Although traditionally considered time- and labor-intensive, the process for making these breads has gotten easier thanks to automated equipment. Learn about how these solutions can give you a hand in creating artisan bread.

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Automating artisan

Despite consumer misconceptions, bakers commercially produce high-quality artisan breads.

A cultural phenomenon

With a burgeoning number of diverse ethnic baked goods, US consumers can experience a world of international cuisine without leaving their hometowns.

Artisan bakers automate to meet demand

Artisan bakers turn to automation to increase capacity, relying on equipment suppliers to walk them through the scaling up process.

Grupo Bimbo acquires artisan baking business

Acquisition is Bimbo's third in Canada in 14 months.

Finding the silver lining

Company Profiles
Tribeca Oven weathers the storm, then partners with C.H. Guenther & Son, with big ambitions to expand its presence in the par-baked artisan bread market.