Processing dough into bread is not magic. It takes good science, innovative engineering and an understanding of the process. This Research Assistant brings together articles on innovative process, design and control systems to help yield quality and consistency each time.

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Fireking trains for success and safety

- Owner Greg Acerra sees the value of taking care of his staff, and it's paying off.

Frozen and par baked food trends

- Savvy bakers find golden opportunities by developing on-trend frozen and par-baked goods while partnering with customers in almost every conceivable channel.

Slideshow Fireking cant stop wont stop

- After two decades of bursting at the seams, Fireking Baking Co. is taking it to the next level.

Social media impacts consumer habits

- Access to digital food is changing how people plan meals and shop for products and ingredients.

Pyler says The story of San Francisco sourdough

- The microorganisms that give this West Coast favorite its flavor and texture surprised scientists.
Malt meets bread