Processing dough into bread is not magic. It takes good science, innovative engineering and an understanding of the process. This Research Assistant brings together articles on innovative process, design and control systems to help yield quality and consistency each time.

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Many choices for packaging film

- Films changed over the years to make them easier to run on automated equipment.

Resistant starch functionality

- Resistant starches are the easiest of the insoluble dietary fibers to use because they tend to be non-hygroscopic and exhibit low water-binding capabilities.

How bakers can accelerate retail growth

- Despite steadily improved consumer spending over the past four years, baking companies are anxious to see more.

How process changes affect mixing success

- The mixing process can often affect the success of the dough downstream and also the finished artisan product.

Masada Bakery Building on an entrepreneurial base

- It’s not by chance that Masada Bakery takes its name from a historic site in Israel.
Ovens In the zone