Processing dough into bread is not magic. It takes good science, innovative engineering and an understanding of the process. This Research Assistant brings together articles on innovative process, design and control systems to help yield quality and consistency each time.

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Bread wrapping ready for change, says Flowers executive

A new line at Oxford, PA, demonstrates that improvements are possible.

Automating artisan

Despite consumer misconceptions, bakers commercially produce high-quality artisan breads.

Pepperidge goes savory with new swirl style bread

New Products
Three varieties of 'cheese breads' unveiled.

Gluten-free growing despite changing perceptions

Though 47% of consumers say they consider gluten-free diets to be a fad, 25% report that they consume gluten-free foods.

Achieve the right slice

The proper blade and preventative maintenance reduce crumbs and keep slicers making the cleanest cuts efficiently.