Cookies took a hit in the marketplace for several years but are now making a strong comeback. While some processes are "cookie-cutter" simple, others allow for unique and innovative end products that entice consumers.

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Problems with protein

- When formulating baked goods with extra protein, bakers need to be aware of pitfalls that can make high-protein products difficult to machine.

Americans still sweet on sweet goods

- The US love affair with indulgence remains strong as ever when simple treats provide rewards for everyday feats.

Salt's roll in flavor enhancement

- When salt is absent, taste is the first thing to go.

Salt as a yeast stabilizer

- Even as a "small" ingredient in bakery formulation, salt carries a big weight from a functional perspective.

Nimble sweet treats

- Dessert endures sweeping changes in consumers’ eating habits by being quick in adapting to change.
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