Flavors, textures, nutrition and many other attributes of crackers take center stage to satisfy consumer demands. With this requires innovation in processing techniques.

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Starch The secret weapon

- Take another look at resistant starch when working to boost the dietary fiber content of baked foods and snacks.

Simple Mills puts health center stage

- Chicago-based company seeks to bring the quality and health-consciousness associated with store perimeters to the center aisle.

Cookies and crackers Peripheral vision

- Smaller cookie and cracker manufacturers set their sights outside of the grocery store center aisles.

Salt's roll in flavor enhancement

- When salt is absent, taste is the first thing to go.

Snackers, not slackers Packaging for millenials

- Millennials snack often, seek healthy snacks in convenient, eye-catching packaging.
Crunching it up
Crackers on fire