While there will always be a place for snacks in the diet, there is a lot of attention and a lot of research to improve nutrition — lower sodium and fat — while maintaining taste and texture. Ingredient innovations and equipment designs bring answers to these challenges.

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New sports snacks aim to amp up performance

- Portable, protein-packed snacks continue to give energy to athletes.

Baking in the melting pot

- As Hispanic purchasing power continues to grow, Latino multiculturalism drives product development for baked foods.

La Petite Bretonne More than a bakers dozen

- What started with a classic French cookie now runs the gamut when it comes to La Petite Bretonne’s selection.

How to get ready for FSMA

- Food safety regulations are changing. Is your plant ready?

Packaging at the speed of Twinkies

- Automated packaging systems help Hostess keep up with versatility and demand.