Sweet Goods

Sweet goods

Despite the health and wellness trends, consumers still desire something indulgent. Sweet goods represent a perfect treat whether for breakfast, as a snack or for dessert.

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Bakery improver enlists in the war against staling

- Bonding with other bakery ingredients, MicroGold sets up barriers to moisture migration and cuts oil absorption.

Pyler says Bakers have many sugar choices

- Dry sugar options allow formulators their pick of sweetness, flavor, crystal size.

La Petite Bretonne More than a bakers dozen

- What started with a classic French cookie now runs the gamut when it comes to La Petite Bretonne’s selection.

How to get ready for FSMA

- Food safety regulations are changing. Is your plant ready?

Packaging at the speed of Twinkies

- Automated packaging systems help Hostess keep up with versatility and demand.
An ethnic twist