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Culinary / Food service

The 'tip of the spear' when it comes to flavor development within the baking industry. Emerging regional and ethnic flavors will be the focus.

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Culinary wanderlust changing the way consumers buy baked goods

- Traditional varieties of bread take heed ... Americans are gaining a taste for new, foreign flavors.

The donut evolution

- Donut shops are seeing success by innovating and pushing the boundaries of the traditional donut.

Cracker Barrel's three priorities for 2018

- Convenience, value and menu variety will drive sustainable sales growth, c.e.o. says.

Companion Bakery brings artisan to scale

- Missouri baker supplies grocery and food service clients as well as operating its own on-site retail bakery.

Experience, technology driving dining decisions

- Research from Acosta and Technomic reveals opportunities in the food service channel.