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Demographic shifts in the US combined with consumer demand for more sophisticated flavors have challenged the baking industry.  This Research Assistant explores how product developers are responding and review the technologies available to develop and capitalize on emerging flavor trends.

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South Trending North

"Sweet brown" flavors evoking Latin America's rich culinary traditions can perk up baked foods.

A cultural phenomenon

With a burgeoning number of diverse ethnic baked goods, US consumers can experience a world of international cuisine without leaving their hometowns.

Birth of innovation

The alternative snacks category provides a playground for creative new products as it morphs into a place for healthy snacks to reside.

Flavors make it better

Flavor ingredients bring baked goods and snack foods to life.

State of the Snack Industry: Bold New World

Intense flavors, new products, busy lifestyles and more frequent snacking fuel sales.