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Demographic shifts in the US combined with consumer demand for more sophisticated flavors have challenged the baking industry.  This Research Assistant explores how product developers are responding and review the technologies available to develop and capitalize on emerging flavor trends.

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Pretzel tech spotlight

- New versions of hard and soft pretzels continue to redefine — and even go beyond — the traditional snacking occasion.

Unexpected sources of antioxidants

- Coffee fruit, green tea and cherries are packed with plenty of wellness properties.

The Hispanic view of health

- Mintel research sheds light on how Hispanic residents of the US perceive their health.

Baking in the melting pot

- As Hispanic purchasing power continues to grow, Latino multiculturalism drives product development for baked foods.

South Trending North

- "Sweet brown" flavors evoking Latin America's rich culinary traditions can perk up baked foods.
Waves of grains