Food Safety

Food safety

Product contaminations, recalls, food-borne illnesses and even death caused by ingredients or food items have been in the news far too often in recent years. This Research Assistant gathers articles, news and commentary related to this critical issue.

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Securing safe horizons after FSMA

- FSMA forces bakers to soon respond to FDA’s classification of it as a ‘high risk’ industry.

Pantry friendly lecithin

- When it comes to clean label, lecithin is hard to beat.

Taking the Safe Route

- Bakers follow many roads to reduce and prevent injuries and lost-time incidents.

Coping with OSHA

- By giving priority attention to where most violations occur, bakers can better achieve compliance and avoid fines when dealing with regulations.

Phasing out PHOs

- As FDA downgrades partially hydrogenated oils, formulators need to upgrade their knowledge of a new generation of shortening blends.