Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

It is the most significant trend in the food and beverage industry. This research assistant covers the evolution of the health and wellness trend since 2005.

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Shifting fiber definition requires a new game plan

- FDA’s new definition of dietary fiber changes the playing field and its rules, as fiber ingredient producers seek to regain or boost their standings.

Leavening sans sodium

- Potassium bicarbonate gives equal performance as its sodium counterpart, plus a bit of sweetness.

The healthy side of chocolate

- As chocolate’s benefits are better understood, formulators can use this indulgent ingredient to boost the health perception of their products.

Unexpected savory snacks

- The definition of snacks continues to evolve with the latest innovative products.

Consumers see sprouted bread as enlightened eating

- Market research and food science affirm sprouted flour’s broad spectrum for innovation.