Nutrition Labeling - Health Claims

Nutrition labeling / Health claims

Health claims and nutrition labeling on packaged foods must be concisely and accurately stated. New concepts work to improve the consumer's understanding of this information.

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Natural flavors meet ethnic trends

- Spicy and ethnic flavors continue to trend upward, but not just any heat will do.

Steeplechase to great taste

- Consumer demand for recognizable ingredients drives the switch to natural flavors and colors. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some hurdles to overcome first.

Packaged sweet goods retain popularity

- There’s room in moderate diets for indulgent and even extreme pre-packaged sweets and treats.

LabelCon to address looming label changes

- SNAC International’s upcoming workshop will prepare industry professionals for the many changes ahead in nutrition labeling.

Intro to prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics

- Use this primer to make sure you know the difference.