In practical terms, sustainability today means going green in more ways than one. Baking and snack companies are looking for new ways to be corporate citizens while lowering overhead and improving their bottom lines. Here are some of the ways bakers and snack producers are responding to a changing business environment.

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Suprising ways bakers save energy

- To reap some energy savings, bakers just need to be looking in the right places.

Panelists encourage BEMA to ruther embrace sustainability

- Three major companies outline their universal visions on corporate and environmental responsibility.

Post PHO emulsifiers change the game

- Palm offers promise, with sustainable palm getting the nod.

Meeting Preview BakingTech 2017

- Diversity cues the program for BakingTech 2017, to be held by the American Society of Baking, Feb 26-28.

Chocolate suppliers meet community needs

- Independent programs provide additional assistance to farmers and their neighborhoods.