In practical terms, sustainability today means going green in more ways than one. Baking and snack companies are looking for new ways to be corporate citizens while lowering overhead and improving their bottom lines. Here are some of the ways bakers and snack producers are responding to a changing business environment.

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Health and wellness drive baking and snack

- Growing demand for products that support healthy and sustainable lifestyles presents opportunities for baking and snack manufacturers

Consumers generally satisfied with food labels

- Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed say they are getting all the information they need.

Bunge creates corporate responsibility committee

- To be headed by former E.P.A. administrator Browner.

Cocoa companies come together in new sustainability initiative

- CocoaAction will look to make cocoa farming in Cote d'Ivoire sustainable.

SAVE FOOD Congress inspires solutions to food waste

- Participants of the second conference renew their commitment to collaborate on this global issue.