In practical terms, sustainability today means going green in more ways than one. Baking and snack companies are looking for new ways to be corporate citizens while lowering overhead and improving their bottom lines. Here are some of the ways bakers and snack producers are responding to a changing business environment.

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Compostable packaging digs up buzz

- The sustainable packaging alternative is emerging again as a trend in snack packaging.

Egg replacers and avian flu

- With a shortage of eggs last year, some bakers turned to egg extenders or replacers.

Green packaging gains momentum

- Sustainability continues to be one of the top packaging trends of 2016.

Packaging affects health and wellness

- As increasingly health-conscious consumers root out chemicals from their diets, packaging comes into play.

Health and wellness drive baking and snack

- Growing demand for products that support healthy and sustainable lifestyles presents opportunities for baking and snack manufacturers