Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Responding to consumer demand for more nutritious products, the grain-based food industry introduced a variety of end products featuring whole grains. Suppliers also have developed many unique technologies to further expand whole grains into different products.

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Puerto Rican eating trends

- Mario Samoza lends insight into how Pan Pepin is capitalizing on the food interests of Puerto Rico.

Using barley, oats and corn as flours

- Gluten-free bakers are turning to grains other than wheat for their formulations.

The challenges of baking gluten-free

- When wheat flour is removed from baking, the rest of the formula must change.

Ardent Mills embraces cross over trends

- Sprouted grains, whole grains and whole wheat intersect in Ardent Mills’ Sprouted White Spring Whole Wheat Flour.

Put protein in its place

- Dietary balance and variety are more important to good health and energy availability, says Dr. Glenn Gaesser.