Chocolate remains a key component within numerous food and beverage categories, including upscale and indulgence.

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Barry Callebaut releases chocolate tasting guide

- "Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate" offers a new way to discuss and experience chocolate.

Ruby becomes first new chocolate type in 80 years

- The launch from Barry Callebaut joins white, milk and dark chocolate.

Chocolate and the clean label movement

- Chocolate cannot escape the trend toward clean ingredients, but has a leg up on that matter.

Slideshow: Rise Baking Co. and the cookie kings

- As part of the new Rise Baking Co., South Coast Baking is prepared to take the cookie business by storm, one bite at a time.

The healthy side of chocolate

- As chocolate’s benefits are better understood, formulators can use this indulgent ingredient to boost the health perception of their products.
Icing on the cake