Fats and Oils

Fats and oils

New technologies, federal regulations and market volatility all have played roles in the evolution of the fats and oils business. Get a comprehensive look at how the business has evolved.

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Four roles fats play in baked foods

- Understanding how fat functions in a product’s formulation is key to finding the right ingredient.

Non-pho and more

- Alternatives to partially hydrogenated oils may be non-G.M.O., low in saturated fat or come with a health claim.

Regulatory update: Baking industry reflects on the departure of phos

- As phos’ GRAS status expires, bakers turn to a variety of alternatives.

National Sunflower Association promotes sunflower as pho replacer

- Suppliers explain the advantages of high performance sunflower oils in a pho-free world.

Fried green pho solutions

- Sustainability is an important factor when choosing a pho replacement.
Phasing out PHOs