Flavors, textures, nutrition and many other attributes of crackers take center stage to satisfy consumer demands. With this requires innovation in processing techniques.

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What to expect at the A.B.A. Technical Conference

- A.B.A.’s Annual Technical Conference takes cookies, crackers and baked goods from theory to practice.

The changing world of cracker tech

- Cracker producers look to their equipment to keep up with the quickening pace of production as they expand their product portfolios.

Cracker trends: Putting a halt to the slowdown

- Cracker manufacturers search for ways to spur sales growth.

Building a better gluten-free product

- While gluten-free baked goods have reached a satisfactory level of quality, increased competition keeps bakers from resting on their laurels.

The growing market for healthy snacks

- Consumers are continuing to broaden their concepts of snack foods beyond potato chips and cookies
Crunching it up