Flowers acquires Roman Meal trademark in North America

by Josh Sosland
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The Roman Meal brand is 103 years old.

THOMASVILLE, GA. — Flowers Foods, Inc. on Feb. 25 announced it has acquired the Roman Meal trademark for bread and buns in the United States and its territories, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Bahamas from Roman Meal Co. in Tacoma, Wash. Financial terms of the transaction were not announced.

A 103-year-old brand specializing in whole grain products, the Roman Meal trademark for many years has been licensed to Flowers and other baking companies, including Bimbo Bakeries USA; H&S Bakery, Inc.; Schwebel Baking Co.; Lewis Bakeries Inc.; and Love’s Bakery. Roman Meal products include bread, rolls, buns, English muffins and brown ‘n serve rolls. Hot cereal also is offered under the Roman Meal brand.

Flowers estimated Roman Meal’s annual U.S. retail sales at $26 million. A leader in whole grain bread sales for decades, growth of Roman Meal has been challenged more recently as whole wheat bread has grown in popularity and many baking companies have produced and marketed their own branded whole wheat bread.

Flowers has been a licensed baker of Roman Meal for 40 years and said the acquisition will have no impact on current licensing agreements in the continental United States. Flowers will be the administrator of those agreements going forward. The Roman Meal Co. will license the brand from Flowers Foods in Hawaii and Guam and will retain ownership of the brand in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Established in Tacoma, Wash., in 1912 by Robert Jackson, a physician, the Roman Meal Co. initially was a whole grain hot cereal maker. The business was acquired in 1927 by William Matthaei, a Tacoma baker who then began offering bread under the Roman Meal brand. The Matthaei family’s involvement in the company has extended for four generations. Charles W.T. Matthaei, the company’s longtime chairman, died a year ago today, on Feb. 26, 2014, at the age of 93.

A flour mill in Fargo, N.D., owned by the company was spun off in the 1990s as an independent business and operates under the name Dakota Specialty Milling.
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By Marvin Avalos 4/20/2018 1:28:05 AM
I need Roman meal back in stores

By Marvin Avalos 4/20/2018 1:26:39 AM
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By Mario Guillont Jr. 4/19/2018 11:36:07 PM
The above article explains the Flowers takeover after trademark was sold, but doesn't explain the loss of distribution of the product (bread) itself. I would purchase the product if under another name as long as it's the same bread I'm accustomed to. Flowers has been making the R Meal bread for many years per the article. Why did distribution stop here in Los Angeles?

By Mario Guillont Jr. 4/19/2018 11:27:56 PM
Cannot find Roman Meal Bread, round top any where here in Los Angeles. Where can I get it? It's the only wheat bread I eat. Please help.

By Sandy 4/6/2018 10:54:00 AM
My grandma always had Roman Meal bread so that is what I have always bought. I’m 68. Please, please bring it back to Indiana!

By dwight gustafson 3/15/2018 8:53:58 AM
I love Roman Meal WW Bread. Having a hard time finding it, all of a sudden in my area (60062 -Illinois). Contacted Flowers Foods and they were no help! I thought they owned the Trademark & Licensing! Can you help me? Thank you, Dwight

By Sissy McCabe 3/5/2018 7:09:09 PM
I have enjoyed eating Roman Meal bread for over 40 years. Now,all of a sudden, I am unable to purchase this wonderful product in any of the stores in Tucson. Can you tell me where I can purchase this wonderful bread in Tucson? Please...this is my bread of choice and I want it to stay that way.

By Donna Eastwood 2/24/2018 5:01:59 PM
I have eaten Roman Meal bread for over 50 years and can no longer get it. Nothing can compare to it's texture or flavor. Please rethink your decision to discontinue it.

By Dwight Diltz 1/26/2018 4:32:08 PM
Will Roman meal bread ever come back to Tucson AZ

By Dwight Diltz 1/26/2018 4:16:50 PM
No Profanity Allowed, Please Retype Your Comment. I did not have any profanity in my e mail

By Terry Brodrick 1/8/2018 4:58:13 PM
I live in Bakersfield, ca. I can't find Roman Meal bread. Do they sell it here. I have gone to several stores looking for it

By Deb Karallus 1/7/2018 8:43:12 PM
We have eaten Roman Meal Bread for over 20 years. Now it can’t be found anywhere. Why not? All the other bread I’ve tried is not the same. We don’t even want sandwiches anymore. Please, please bring it back!

By April Barnes 1/5/2018 8:00:44 PM
I grew up on Roman Meal Bread, I have looked everywhere in town and everyone has stopped selling it, you can not even buy it through Please could you tell me were I might find it?

By Sally Stiltner 12/25/2017 9:29:45 PM
Can't find Roman Meal Bread in any stores in Southern California or Bullhead City AZ. Why not?

By Don Judson 12/18/2017 3:39:33 PM
I've eaten Roman as long as I can remember (I'm 60). It was a staple in my mom's,grandmother's and all my friends' houses. I live in Midland and Austin, Texas. Several years ago the bread disappeared from store shelves. It's the only bread I would use to make sandwiches. I'm not kidding when I say I've now that I no longer make sandwiches now that I can't get Roman Meal bread. I'm not kidding in the least. Could you at least let your loyal and heartbroken fans know what is going on. Thanks in advance.

By Tony Russo 12/3/2017 10:52:35 AM
To whom it may concern: I am very disappointed with the removal of Roman Meal Bread from the local markets. I have enjoyed Roman Meal Products for over 20 year. Flowers Co must continue with backing and selling Roman Meal to the public.

By G 11/26/2017 3:23:03 PM
WHY can't we buy Roman Meal bread anymore in California??? It was the best - and like everything else that is good - It is GONE!!!

By Lois Foster 11/25/2017 4:30:03 PM
Please bring back Roman Meal bread. All of the rest are like brown fluff, with no flavor or body. Until it is back, I will never buy a Flowers product

By Sarah Nunnelly 11/24/2017 9:48:59 AM
I made my turkey dressing yesterday without Roman Meal bread for the first time EVER. It was not good. It’s the ONLY bread I have ever bought. Why have you stopped production of it? Please bring it back. 730572

By Eliza 11/17/2017 8:18:08 PM
My late grandmother and my late mother always used Roman Meal bread for Turkey stuffing and I was shocked to find out that the bread is no longer being produced. My ancestors must be rolling in their graves and I fear that the family stuffing recipe wont be the same without it. With all the consumers comments here, why dont you bring it back or at least, offer an explanation!

By shelley Martin 11/16/2017 10:10:27 AM
I live in San Antonio, TX and have bought roman meal for about 30 years. The bread stocker at my store said it will no longer be available. I have gone thru bags & bags of bread tryin to find one close. Please help!

By Big Jim 11/2/2017 6:33:52 PM
I also have only had Roman Meal bread for almost 50 years now. Since it is no longer in So Cal I have tried all the other breads on the shelf and they are awful. Roman Meal is so much better than these other bread I would put it in a class of its own. I guess I will lose some weight since I will only eat the bare minimum bread.

By nina sorentino-messina 10/22/2017 2:23:40 PM
please bring roman meal back. I grew up eating this bread and now at the age of 51 my husband will not allow any other bread into our home. the slices are the perfect size and I can't eat whole wheat due to a stomach condition. please bring it back, please.

By Edith Wilman 10/4/2017 3:22:08 PM
WHY, oh why did you decide to stop Roman Meal in Southern California? Roman Meal is the only bread I have used for more than 60 years. I am lost I have eaten other whole wheat breads & none even come close to Roman Meal.

By janice hubbell 10/3/2017 11:10:04 PM

By Ernest Bellantoni 9/28/2017 5:22:17 PM
If Roman Meal bread is no longer available here in San Diego, I and many others will be forced to switch to other whole weat breads. Let us know if that brand is discountinued so we do not waste our time looking for it. Ernest

By Linda Younglove 8/28/2017 12:36:34 AM
I would like to know how to get some roman meal bread. I have been buying it for over 45 years and all of a sudden I can't find it anywhere. I love this bread and if I have to purchase it on line I will. Please help me find how to aquire it. Thank you Linda younglove

By Bonnie Morton 7/21/2017 10:06:03 AM
How can I order Roman Meal online ? I can not find it in any store in my area. This is the only bread I like.

By Marcia Pray 5/20/2017 10:00:43 AM
I am very upset. Our family has only eaten Roman Meal Bread for over 40 years. The bread delivery person said he could not keep enough on the shelves of our stores. Now he says that we will not be able to get it, because it is no longer going to be produced. I have tried other whole wheat breads when the store was out of roman meal and they do not have flavor. I live in southern Illinois. I guess I will not be eating bread. I wish the company would change their mind and make it again.

By Tim Thompson 5/5/2017 6:10:02 AM
I have been eating Roman Meal for over 40 years. Recently the wallmart and giant food stores stopped selling it (Mechanicsburg PA area) I am experiencing withdraw symptoms. Where can I but it in my area??

By Howard 12/24/2016 7:18:00 AM
Where can I find roman meal bread near peachtree city ga. ?

By Louise Bacon 8/13/2016 8:52:13 PM
Where can I buy the hot cereals & bread ? I live in Albany Ga. Thank you Louise bacon

By Louise 8/2/2016 9:13:27 PM
Where can we buy the hot cereal ?

By Louise 8/2/2016 9:12:10 PM
Where can we buy the hot cereal ?

By Myrl Sims 7/7/2016 8:42:01 PM
I am still having trouble finding Roman Meal Sandwich Breach locally since my neighborhood market closed. Can you help me. HEB has the label on the shelf, but it isn't sandwich bread which they have there and usually only one or two loaves if any. If it isn't available locally, where is the closest store?

By Tammy 6/10/2016 1:41:26 PM
What store sales this 100%wheat close to lenoir nc we really like this bread couple times I got it @ dollar tree thanks hope you have great day

By Jeannie Bonafede 6/6/2016 11:47:30 AM
Please let me know where I can buy Roman Meal Whole Grain hamburger & hot dog buns, either in a store in/near Denver Co. or online.

By Deborah kline 5/23/2016 4:00:40 PM
Where can I order Roman Meal? Don't like this SunGrain wheat they are trying yo replace it with. I WANT MY ROMAN MEAL in San Antonio Texas

By Gary Price 5/11/2016 2:44:38 PM
Where can I buy Roman Meal bread in the Denver Colorado area? Can't find it at Wal-Mart, Safeway, Costco, or Kimg Soopers/ Kroger.

By Fran Yates 5/2/2016 11:54:30 AM
I am wanting to purchase roman meal sandwich bread, where is it sold. I live in Nebraska.

By Ed Youmans 10/24/2015 7:10:44 AM
Where can I buy Roman Meal sandwich bread? I've eaten is for decades, but recently I just can't find it. I've looked everywhere. Help!

By DanH 2/26/2015 4:24:54 PM
Congratulations Flowers!