Level Listings

Listing Options for Suppliers

Baking industry suppliers have several listing options on esource. Basic and Member listings display pertinent company information, while the Premium listing offers maximum visibility on the site.

Premium Listing

Premium Level Listing:

esource Premium Listingesource’s premium listing offers an immersive user experience. Building upon the Basic and Member Listings, a Premium Listing also includes:

  1. One company logo
  2. One of four featured placements inside a rotating position on the esource homepage, and on the corresponding industry homepage.
    esource Featured Position
  3. esource Detail PageOne detail page, including a text-based overview and listing description, along with photos, videos, documents and maps.

  4. Special placement of each premium member in the enewsletters.


Upgrade from Basic Level to premium: $4,800/year
Upgrade from Member Level to premium: $2,400/year






Member Listing

Member Listing:

A Member-level listing is exclusively available to print advertisers in Sosland’s Baking Directory & Buyers Guide or members of ABA, ASB, BEMA and/or BCMA. Listing options at this level include all Basic listing information, plus website & email address, association affiliations, multiple points of contact and an option to send the listing as a contact card to a mobile device.

Basic Listing

Basic Listing:

This “entry-level”’ option is available to all baking industry suppliers and includes business name, address and phone number along with one point of contact.