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What's new in food
Salted caramel flavor flourishing in new snack launches.
Slideshow: Six new baking industry patents
The patents cover a range of innovations from General Mills, Electrolux and more.
Take an exclusive tour of East Balt Roma
East Balt Roma, Monterotondo, Italy, represents one of the latest additions to the Chicago-based company’s long history and commitment to the global baking industry. In fact, it currently operates 21 bakeries in 11 countries.
Plant-based innovation at Expo East
Products featured at the tradeshow included mozzarella made from sprouted brown rice, milk made from oats and tuna made from beans.
New products at Expo East
The plant-based foods movement is driving snack innovation.
What's new in food
New baked goods packed with pumpkin begin to appear for the fall season.
What's new in food
Foods featuring certified gluten-free claims are growing increasingly popular in new product launches.
Quinoa's northern exposure
Growers in Canada work to increase North American supply of the traditionally South American crop.
Otis Spunkmeyer brings the spunk, leaves the funk
Company declares ‘No Funky Stuff’ as it rolls into its 40th year and ventures into new territory.
What's new in food
Food manufacturers innovate to target specific age groups.
Nine new baking industry patents
Nine patents were recently given by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to inventors of equipment, ingredients and processes related to the baking industry.
New from General Mills
Company launches spate of new products boasting clean labels and simple, recognizable ingredients.
The many layers of Gold Standard Baking
Company takes major steps to fulfill its vision of becoming the nation’s leader in the laminated sweet goods category.
What's new in food
Food manufacturers team up to offer new product and flavor combinations.
IFT17 Booths A-C
Food scientists, bakers and snack producers endured the desert heat this June to take part in the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Expo, June 25-28, in Las Vegas.