Chobani branches out

4/18/2014 - Greek yogurt maker broadening product portfolio to include oats, indulgence and snacks.

N.G.F.A. seeks heightened monitoring of rail service

4/22/2014 - Association tells S.T.B. of impacts and costs disruptions have had on grain industry.


F.D.A. and W.G.C. clear up confusion about grains

4/23/2014 - The Whole Grains Council fleshes out FDA’s list when it comes to cereal grains.

Supplier Innovations

Symrise in talks to buy Diana Group

4/14/2014 - The Diana Group is a leader in plant cell culture, dedicated to producing ingredients for food, cosmetics and health.

N.G.F.A. estimates big losses for grain industry

4/17/2014 - Association says industry lost $2.9 billion because of China’s rejection of unapproved corn.

F.D.A. upholds final rule on vitamin D yeast

3/17/2014 - The agency turns down AB Mauri objections and keeps current levels for the safe use of vitamin D2 bakers yeast.

Financial Performance

Traffic down, sales up at McDonald’s

4/22/2014 - Fast-food chain reported 1% increase in revenues for the first quarter.