Accelerated Heat Transfer

Accelerated Heat Transfer. A technique for reducing the baking time by producing a more rapid and efficient transmission of heat by convection (q.v.) from its source to the baking product in an oven (q.v.). Two procedures are currently employed for this purpose. The first involves a device, known as the Acceletron (q.v.), that creates an electrostatic field (q.v.) of high potential in the baking chamber (q.v.) which then produces a highly turbulent atmosphere for a more effective heat transfer. The second procedure, utilized in impingement ovens (q.v.), employs special modules that feature a multitude of jet nozzles through which heated air is forced downward to impinge in narrow vertical air streams on the baking product. Air flow rates of 3,000 feet/minute are attained in ovens with such a heating system (q.v.).