"Acceletron. A device whereby an electrode grid in the oven crown (q.v.) and a grounded oven hearth (q.v.) create an electrostatic field (q.v.) of high potential that ionizes the atmosphere in the baking chamber (q.v.). This produces a ""corona wind"" effect in the form of a strong downward flow of hot air onto the oven hearth, causing a more rapid heat transfer to the baking product. In practice, the electrode grid is installed above the oven trays (q.v.) or oven hearth in the front sections of the baking area to produce improved heat transfer to the baking product by convection (q.v.) during the first four to five minutes of baking (q.v.). Observed benefits include a reduced baking time, savings in energy costs, reduction in bake-out losses (q.v.), and an increase in oven throughput."