Confectioners Coating

Confectioner's Coating. A blend of cocoa powder (q.v.) and selected hard butters (q.v.) with high melting points (q.v.), derived either from imported palm kernel oil (q.v.) and coconut oil (q.v.), or from domestic corn, cottonseed, soybean or peanut oils (q.v.) that replace the cacao butter (q.v.) of the chocolate liquor (q.v.) whose melting point (q.v.) is too low for use as a covering for confectionery (q.v.) products during summer months. Chocolate coatings derived wholly from chocolate liquor (q.v.) and intended for application on such products as cupcakes (q.v.), graham crackers (q.v.) and cookies (q.v.), must first undergo a carefully controlled tempering process (q.v.).