Flour-Free Ferment

Flour-Free Ferment. A liquid ferment (q.v.) from which all flour (q.v.) is omitted. Such a water-ferment typically consists of water and 7.75% sugar (q.v.), 8.0% yeast (q.v.), 1.4% salt, and 0.5% buffer salts (q.v.). It is fermented for 1 to 1.5 hours at a starting temperature of 82¦F (28¦C) for a temperature rise of 9¦F (5¦C). When mixed into a dough at a use level of 35% based on flour, it contributes 31% of water, 3% yeast, 0.5% salt, and 0.4% residual sweeteners to the final dough formula (q.v.).