Glycosidic Linkage

Glycosidic Linkage. The link that unites two or more dextrose (q.v.) units into polysaccharides (q.v.), such as maltose (q.v.), amylose (q.v.), amylopectin (q.v.) and starch (q.v.). Two types of linkage are distinguished: (a) the ?-1,4 linkage between carbon atoms (q.v.) 1 and 4 of the two connected dextrose molecules (q.v.) and representing the most common union in the linear amylose (q.v.) fraction of starch, and (b), the ?-1,6 linkage that joins carbon atoms 1 and 6 of two dextrose units and provides the branch points in the amylopectin (q.v.) fraction of starch.