Malt Extract

Malt Extract. A concentrated aqueous infusion obtained from crushed malt (q.v.) by a process of mashing at progressively higher temperatures until all of the malt's starch (q.v.) has been converted into maltose (q.v.) and dextrins (q.v.) and its protein (q.v.) rendered soluble by its enzymes (q.v.). On separation from the insoluble malt husks (q.v.), the extract is concentrated in vacuum (q.v.) pans into a thick syrup (q.v.) with an average solids content in the range of 78-82%. Its diastatic activity (q.v.), derived principally from ?-amylase (q.v.), is determined by the temperature employed during its final treatment. Its color may range from a light amber to a deep brown and is controlled by the kilning or roasting temperature applied to the malt before it enters the mashing-in stage.