Sugar. Any saccharide (q.v.) of relatively low molecular weight (q.v.) with a sweet taste that varies in intensity with different types. It is obtained from a number of plant sources, such as sugarcane (q.v.), sugar beet (q.v.), corn (q.v.), sorghum (q.v.) and various cereal starches (q.v.), etc., as well as honey (q.v.) and other sources. The sugar of commerce is sucrose (q.v.), a white, crystalline and granular product that is available in cube form, as a powder for icing (q.v.) purposes, as brown or soft sugar (q.v.), as well as other forms. Varieties of sugar include the cane or beet sugar sucrose (q.v.), the corn sugar dextrose (q.v.), the malt sugar maltose (q.v.), the fruit sugar fructose (q.v.) and the milk sugar lactose (q.v.).