LEAWOOD, KAS. — The International Milling Education Foundation is expanding its scholarship program to include professional development opportunities for milling professionals already working in the industry, according to the International Association of Operative Millers.

“We love the fact that I.M.E.F. is able to assist a certain number of milling science students at Kansas State University,” said Joel Hoffa, president of the I.M.E.F. “However, we also recognize that there is a need for educational and training opportunities for those who are already employed in mills.”

The expanded program was developed by the I.A.O.M. Nominating Committee, and its purpose is to provide financial assistance to those individuals who would like to enroll in the I.A.O.M. correspondence course in flour milling and/or a resident milling course.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, an applicant:
• must hold a job in a milling or related industries company.
• must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
• must be prepared to enroll in the I.A.O.M. correspondence course or resident milling course.
• must be recommended by a minimum of two Active I.A.O.M. members (a recommendation letter from each is required).
• must submit all required application information to the I.M.E.F. Scholarship Committee.

An applicant may apply multiple times, but the maximum number of times an applicant may receive a scholarship is limited to one for the correspondence course, and up to three times for attendance at a resident milling course.

According to the application, the I.M.E.F. Scholarship will be awarded to those working in the milling industry. To get an application or for information, visit the I.A.O.M. web site at www.iaom.info, call (913) 338-3377; or email: info@iaom.info.

Applications must be postmarked by Dec. 1.