BRANDE, DENMARK — The new KMC GlazeMaker 25, based on potato starch, provides a cost-effective and non-allergenic way to provide a high gloss, as well as adhesion benefits, to baked foods, according to Brande-based KMC. When bakers want to give product an appealing surface, they may use KMC GlazeMaker 25 as an alternative to egg wash or dairy-based glaze, according to the company.

Bakers may brush or spray KMC GlazeMaker 25 on to product before baking and adding a topping. The adhesive qualities of the solution will fix such toppings as sesame seeds on buns and salt on pretzels.

Toppings have been shown to stay in place after freezing, thawing and baking.

KMC GlazeMaker 25 requires no heating. Bakers may add the powder directly into water at room temperature.