With just a little more than a month remaining until the general election, US Senate candidate George Allen, a former Virginia governor and US senator, will address the American Bakers Association (ABA) and Allied Trades of the Baking Industry (ATBI) boards of directors during their joint meeting Monday, Oct. 2, in Washington, DC.

"George Allen is a results-oriented leader with a history of balancing budgets and promoting common-sense fiscal policy," said ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie. "We look forward to discussing with Gov. Allen his ideas and plans to develop sustainable economic growth policies in Washington."

The 2012 joint ABA and ATBI boards of directors meeting and ABA committee meetings will be held Oct. 1-4 in Washington. The meetings will feature participation form industry leaders who represent the ABA and ATBI memberships, as well as discussions on key issues affecting the baking industry.

Gov. Allen will speak to the boards regarding pressing issues in this coming election such as health care, federal tax and spending policy, and his proposals to promote economic growth. His distinguished career in public service includes one-term as the governor of Virginia from 1994 to 1998, and he was originally elected to the US Senate in 2000, where he advocated for the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. Former Sen. Allen also introduced and fought for budget reform in Congress, including a balanced budget amendment, line item veto and a paycheck penalty for members of Congress when they fail to pass appropriations bills on time.

For more information regarding the joint meeting and committee meetings, visit www.americanbakers.org, or contact Maggie Hummel at mhummel@americanbakers.org or Samantha Moore at smoore@americanbakers.org.