LAS VEGAS — Much has changed for Bay State Milling, Quincy, Mass., since I.B.I.E. 2010. Expansion has come through personnel hiring and acquisitions. Colleen Zammer joined Bay State Milling as director of product marketing shortly after I.B.I.E. 2010. Since then, the company has hired four people for product development and increased the size of its technical services team, Ms. Zammer said. She added the company has almost doubled its sales force in the past year.

The company’s booth at I.B.I.E. 2013 shows how the expansion has been put to use to hit marketing trends. Bay State Milling promoted whole grain sprouted flour, multigrain gluten-free pizza crust and an ancient grain flour blend.

Additionally, the company opened the Rothwell GrainEssentials Center, which is geared toward product development. In August 2012, it acquired T.J. Harkins Basic Commodity Brokers, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Based in Bolingbrook, Ill., T.J. Harkins supplies sesame and edible seeds, sweet spices, ancient grains, specialty grain flours and grain blends.

In September of this year, Bay State Milling acquired Certified Foods, Inc., a supplier of conventional, organic and gluten-free flours, including the Joseph’s Best brand. Based in Woodland, Calif., Certified Foods employs a combination of traditional stone milling and modern milling technologies to produce an array of whole grain flours across a range of specifications. Whole grain flours produced by Certified Foods include brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, corn, durum, millet, quinoa, sorghum, teff, rye and wheat.