JACKSON, MICH. — Dawn Food Products Inc. has launched a certified gluten-free product line that includes two cake bases, two creme cake bases and a cookie base.

“We are excited to provide a delicious solution that offers our customers the opportunity to grow their business by creating gluten-free foods with unmatched quality, superior flavor and versatility,” said Traci Maginn, marketing manager for Dawn Foods. “Gluten-free is a hot consumer trend, and with these new certified gluten-free products, Dawn can assist our customers in serving delicious baked goods that are gluten-free.”

Dawn gluten-free creme cake bases may be used to create muffins, loaf cakes, ring cakes and much more. They are available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and come in 25- and 50-lb bags with a 12-month shelf life.

Dawn gluten-free cake bases, available in white and extra-dark devil’s food flavors, make moist cakes with a tight crumb that cut well and decorate easily, according to Dawn Foods. The cake bases are available in 25-lb bags, with a 12-month shelf life.

Dawn gluten-free cookie base creates a variety of gluten-free cookies such as chocolate chip and peanut butter. The cookies have a chewy texture and rich flavor. Available in a 25-lb bag, the product has a 12-month shelf life and is freeze/thaw stable.

All three products are certified to be less than 10 parts per million of gluten, which meets the new Food and Drug Administration definition of gluten-free requires that a food contain less than 20 p.p.m. of gluten.