LAS VEGAS — Penford Food Ingredients launched PenFibe RO, a potato-based soluble resistant starch, during the International Baking Industry Exposition Oct. 6-9 in Las Vegas. The ingredient contains a minimum of 56% dietary fiber and may be used to replace higher caloric ingredients such as flour and sugar. Possible applications include baked foods, snacks, nutrition bars, beverages, confectionery items, dairy items and frozen desserts.

“We are excited to introduce PenFibe RO because of its vast applications and dual benefit of fiber enrichment and caloric reduction,” said John Randall, president of Penford Food Ingredients, based in Centennial, Colo. “The demand for healthy snacks and beverages continues to grow, and with a focus on childhood obesity in America, healthier options for children are especially important. Not only is PenFibe RO used in foods, but it has the same benefits for low sugar drinks like fruit juices or flavored waters that are popular for kids.”

PenFibe RO is non-bioengineered and non-allergenic. Its solubility makes PenFibe RO different from PenFibe RS, another potato-based resistant starch from Penford Food Ingredients.