DENVER — Jason Lebeau has joined Udi’s Foods as the company’s new executive pastry chef. 

Mr. Lebeau has 26 years of experience, and most recently was executive pastry chef at Coohills 1400 in Denver. Earlier, he held positions of progressing responsibility at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, Hollywood Studios and Hotel Bellaire in Los Angeles, and Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group.

He graduated from Baltimore Culinary College in 1987.

“Jason’s talent and experience will allow us to continue improving an already stellar pastry and dessert program.” said Etai Baron, president of Udi’s Foods. “His leadership is sure to deliver results both immediately and in the future.” 

Udi’s Foods bakes desserts, cookies, scones, and breakfast pastries for its own restaurants and cafes, catering business, farmer’s market stands and wholesale customers like Peet’s Coffee & Tea shops and Whole Foods.

“The folks at Udi’s are hungry to continue improving and growing their pastry business and I’m excited to help them accomplish that goal,” Mr. Lebeau said. “It’s not often that a pastry chef is given the opportunity to create high-quality desserts for a mass audience.  Not to mention doing so in a state-of-the-art facility.” 

In addition to pastries, Udi’s has a traditional artisan bread bakery. The bakery makes 15,000 lbs of bread each day and is led by master baker and third-generation bread baker, Maurizio Negrini.