BOCA RATON, FLA. – The Pepperidge Farm business of Campbell Soup Co. “continues to flourish” and is “on the go,” said Denise Morrison, president and chief executive officer of Campbell Soup, in a Feb. 20 presentation at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference in Boca Raton, Fla.

Introduced 50 years ago, Pepperidge’s Goldfish brand’s outreach mainly was to mothers and later transitioned to connection with children through Finn & Friends, a campaign focused on building children’s optimism, curiosity and self-confidence. Now the brand is “active and growing on many fronts,” Ms. Morrison said.

“We are continuing to drive expansion from our core kids demographic to engage more fully with teens,” she said. “We are pursuing an untapped opportunity to connect with Hispanic consumers with the Goldfish brand and are now in regional market tests with products with unique flavors, packaging and point-of-sale material.”

Ms. Morrison said Goldfish also is expanding usage occasions with “colorful seasonal offerings.”

“We are enhancing the sweet side of the portfolio with tempting new flavors like French toast Goldfish Grahams, and we are leveraging digital and social media to interact with consumers in new ways,” she said.

In the broader Pepperidge portfolio, Ms. Morrison said the company is “moving forward with gusto.”

The company’s newest product line in the adult savory segment, Jingos! crackers, has been highly incremental to the business, Ms. Morrison said, while extensions in the classic Milano cookies line have helped drive growth in the recently flat performing sweet snacks segment.

In the fresh bakery category, Pepperidge is bringing “flavor excitement and a snacking mentality” to the bread aisle with Swirl bread, Ms. Morrison said. A blueberry swirl variety is the latest addition to the line, with more to come she said.

“All told, Pepperidge Farm continues to flourish,” she said. “This business is on the go.”